The tradition of eating cake at weddings has been around for thousands of years, but it wasn’t until the mid-20th century when toppers were used to decorate wedding cakes. Since then, toppers have become synonymous with wedding cakes. They allow couples to further customize the appearance of their wedding cake to create a picture-perfect confectionary treat for their big day.

If you’ve ever shopped for wedding cake toppers, you’ve probably seen this style. They are designed with figurines that resemble the bride and groom.

Some follow a serious approach in which the bride and groom are holding hands or embracing each other, whereas others use a comical approach by depicting the bride dragging the groom behind her.

Wedding cake toppers featuring phrases have also become a popular trend. Rather than featuring figures of the bride and groom, they feature a memorable or otherwise relevant phrase. It’s a fun alternative to couple toppers that’s expected to gain momentum in 2020.

A new style of wedding cake toppers is infinity. Featuring the symbol of its namesake, infinity toppers are both attractive and meaningful. They depict a figure-eight infinity symbol in which two circles are endlessly joined.

Infinity wedding cake toppers are said to represent the endless love couples have for each other. Like the infinity symbol, marriage will be everlasting.

And for your wedding in Italy with Yes wedding which cake topper would you like?

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