11 Maggio 2016

Wedding in Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is one of the world’s most beautiful and romantic destinations and holds a natural beauty and warmth that once experienced stays with you forever. You can see the magic, you can smell it and feel it which is why to hold a wedding here is more than an occasion, it’s an magic experience.

heartwed  Sunshine, stunning sea view and the eternal blue sky
heartwed  The finest seafood, incredible pizza, limoncello liquor and buffalo mozzarella
heartwed  Warm hospitality
heartwed  The climate in the south of Italy remains mild for most of the year
heartwed  It’s not as expensive as you think – Yes Wedding Italy offers very attractive packages.


No photos really can do it justice; the Amalfi Coast is something you have to see and experience yourself. White houses off the flowering cliffs of Positano, surrounded by bright bursts of purple and red bougainvillea flowers. The breathtaking main square of the town of Amalfi is an idyllic setting for your Amalfi Coast wedding in Italy.

Romanticised in the 1960s, this coastline was famous for attracting Hollywood movie stars and few places in the world can take over its spectacular allure with quiet bays, stunning scenery and crystal blue sea. It is really easy to see why this setting is an incredibly popular wedding destination!

Marrying on the Amalfi Coast will allow you to experience the charm and warm hospitality of the south of Italy. For your wedding reception on the Amalfi Coast, we offer ancient monasteries, luxury coastal villas with flowering gardens and splendid palaces. The cuisine and wines of the region are superlative; you and your guests will taste the authentic flavours of the sun and sea.

Your wedding reception can be as formal or informal as you want it to be. From exclusive villas to smaller restaurants, there is a venue that suits every taste and every budget, as for accommodation options.

Closest Airport: Naples (1 hour) then Rome (3 hours)
Best time for an Amalfi Coast wedding: all year long, but April through October are the sunniest months.

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