The Wedding Ring Pillow

The wedding Ring Pillow is a cushion for placing wedding rings before exchanging rings by the bride and groom in the wedding ceremony. 

But what is the history of the wedding ring pillow?

This tradition originates from Ancient Egypt where presenting ceremonial jewels on a cushion at the wedding ceremony was customary to do so. The purpose of using the cushion is to prevent someone from touching the treasured jewels directly.  

Thereafter, the rings were exchanged at the wedding reception throughout Europe and it became common for the valuable wedding rings on a cushion to be carried.

And the meaning?

The ribbon attached to the pillow means a vow and a commitment to the love one another and representing a symbol of bond between the couple to be married and it is as precious thing as their commitment to one another.

A legend tells that if the wedding ring pillow used in the ceremony would be used as baby’s first pillow, the baby will have a bright future. No matter it is true or not, one thing for certain is:  the wedding ring pillow is the very special item which might possibly make you happy even after the wedding day.  That is the reason why I do love the ring  pillow very much.

The ring pillow is only appeared for a very short period of time in the entire ceremony. But  the time of wedding-ring exchanging is a very blissful and unforgettable moment not only for the bride and the groom but also for all the guests attended to the ceremony.

Naturally, a very special wedding ring pillow can capture people’s attention even. The scene can be a beautiful subject for photographing together with the bride and bridegroom as well.

Atmosphere, tradition, and style can be represented  in the your wedding ring pillow. So the pillow can will be personalized in relation to the place and the locations: we will have the small multicolored tile for the wedding in Ravello, the olive or lavender branch for the ceremony in Tuscany in Chianti, the small jewel vase for an elegant marriage in Rome.

Whether it would be classic and elegant, or strange and particular, we can help create the perfect mood to suit your individual needs and taste.

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