Poggio il C. Tuscan Wine estate in

Val d’Orcia

Tuscan wine estate in Val d'Orcia

In Tuscany there are places that can tell you ancient stories. The family of Poggio Il C. already started producing wine in 1489. So, the business passed from father to son over 500 years and today, still this wine estate produce wine, as if they wanted to prove that time cannot undermine traditions.

The high quality of the wines produced in the Montalcino area was already known at the time of the Etruscans, who had developed active settlements on these small hills.
The name given to the company “Poggio Il C. ” brings us back to the historical roots of the place: the ruins of an ancient community with the remains of houses and towers on top of the hillock bearing the same name.
On the top of one of the lush hills of Montalcino, among the vineyards from which their precious Brunello is born, a forest rich in medicinal herbs,  fields of ancient grains and their two hectares of truffles, stands the group of farmhouses that enclose the whole world of Poggio Il C.
Hospitality for 14 people, 3 suites and 4 rooms
At Poggio il C.,  tastings of wines are organized upon reservation for both small and large groups.  It is also possible to pair the wine tasting with a platter of cold cuts, cheeses and bruschettas, or one or more dishes of menu: a great opportunity to enjoy the products of Montalcino.
The osteria in the cellar of Poggio il Castellare estate is located among the rolling hills of Val d’Orcia, and this is where you can taste the typical flavors of Tuscan cuisine. Thanks to a passionate research for ancient rural recipes, are served you the products from garden, field and courtyard, as well as the typical pasta of Siena’s province, the pici.
The guests will be welcomed directly in the cellars: they will find the tables between wooden barrels where their wines rest. They want to create a family atmosphere, but at the same time exclusive and elegant, the perfect location for every special occasion. The restaurant is open every day, at lunch and dinner, upon reservation at least two days before.


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