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Today, there are many couples who do not identify with any traditional, usually Catholic wedding ceremony. If you and your partner are looking for an alternative, YES WEDDING will give you a chance to realize your dream.

There are other types of ceremonies, such as symbolic unions. These allow you to feel the joy of celebrating our love and the spirit of communion.

A symbolic wedding ceremony is an option when grooms do not think of having a religious ceremony or fort heir various personal reasons.

Symbolic ceremonies are an increasingly common choice, although they have no legal validity. In addition to replacing the traditional ones, they can also serve to complement them.

That is, you can always marry in civil and then proceed to such a union. These rites are ideal for couples seeking a flexible and personalized ceremony or simply wishing to renew their marriage vows. They are perfect for those who want the freedom to choose whatever they want


Also known as the ritual of lights, the ritual of candles is one of the most popular, as well as extremelyromantic and has a magical side. It represents the union of two families and the creation of a new one.

This is a ritual symbolized by three candles, two smaller ones representing each groom’s family and thethird largest representing the new family to be formed. The couple light the third candle together,symbolizing that the couple has become one soul.

If you would like to celebrate a simple yet romantic symbolic ceremony, check out the ceremony packagedesigned for you by YES write an email for information

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