In Italy you cannot celebrate a Civil wedding in any given venue selected by you.
Here, Civil weddings can only be held in the town Wedding Hall or in a venue designated by the local municipality for wedding ceremonies.
For a civil ceremony there are some very beautiful, exclusive and typical Italian Wedding Halls.


Rome, the Eternal City, as it is called by its many admirers, is, was and always will be one of the world’s most fascinating cities. With its wide variety of landmarks its beautiful laid-back squares and its bustling streets, Rome offers incomparable opportunities for your big day.
Choose to get married in Rome, Italy’s Capital, is a perfect backdrop for your Italian destination wedding. The Eternal City is a unique cradle of history, art and beauty.
Rome is a convenient location for your destination wedding since it is connected to the rest of the world by an international airport located just 30 minutes from the city center. Planning a wedding in Rome is a gift for you and your guests. They will easily arrive in the city and have plenty of things to do and see.
Every corner of Rome has magnificent sights and it is the perfect spot for incredible wedding photos and videos.

Wedding halls

In Rome the following two splendid venues are available for civil weddings that applies different rates between a weekday wedding and week-end wedding: The Sala Rossa and The Santa Maria in Tempulo:

The elegant Sala Rossa marriage hall that stands on Campidoglio. Realized on the project of Michelangelo Buonarroti on the ‘500 is one of the most fascinating architectural spaces in Rome where you can celebrate your civil ceremony marriage.
Fees and Wedding Days for Sala Rossa:
 –  Friday (9am to 12pm and 4pm to 6pm): €1,200,00
 –  Saturday (9am to 12pm and 4pm to 6pm): €1,400,00
 –  Sunday (9am to 12pm): €1,400,00

The formerly church Santa Maria in Tempulo marriage hall – built in the 12th century – on Caracalla, very spacious and suggestive.
Fees and Wedding Days for Santa Maria in Tempulo:
 –  Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (9am to 12pm and 4pm to 6pm): €1,200,00
 –  Saturday (9am to 12pm and 4pm to 6pm): €1,400,00
 –  Sunday (9am to 12pm): €1,400,00




Getting married in Florence is a unique opportunity to connect to the pearl of the Italian Renaissance and a dream for many couples all around the world. Therefore the municipality has made it possible to celebrate your marriage in Florence, offering several locations throughout the city to fit each couple’s taste and budget. From the prestigious surroundings of Palazzo Vecchio to the historical Bardini museum, from the romantic view of the Giardino delle Rose to the large spaces of Villa Vogel, your choice will make this day even more special and unforgettable.
The location you have chosen to celebrate your marriage is a marvellous union of art, culture and beauty and part of an important world’s heritage. For this reason, there are a few simple rules to follow that allow this heritage to be stay like this forever.
IMPORTANT: for ceremonies in Florence the reservation of the wedding day has to be made 6 months prior to the wished wedding’s date.

Wedding Halls
Florence offers the possibility of a dream wedding in some of its most beautiful locations. Click here to discover more
The various locations identified as ceremonial site are:
   Palazzo Vecchio: Sala Rossa – Sala di Lorenzo – Salone de’ Cinquecento
   Complesso Giardino delle Rose
   Museo Comunale Bardini
   Villa Vog

Fees and Wedding Days
The days of the wedding celebration are: Wednesday 9-13 am, Thursday 9-13 am, Sunday 9-13 am
For the rates and the wedding calendar read the attached table.
For fees click here
For Red Hall click here
For Special Halls click here


Sala Rossa, Florence

San Galgano Abbey


Abbey of San Galgano is one of the most suggestive, spiritual and romantic places to get married in Italy. An experience that you and your guests will always remember, because the atmosphere in the Abbey is incredibly special.

The Abbey is located about 30km south west of Siena (in the town of Chiusdino) on flat ground surrounded by low hills and it is possible to celebrate civil legal wedding inside the abbey.
Its most spectacular characteristic is the fact that it’s missing its roof, which makes it a fabulous setting for an open air civil ceremony in Tuscany. If you plan your wedding in Italy, you must consider adding this location to your list.
The Abbey was built in the 12th century by the some monks to honour Galgano Guidotti, known as Saint Galgano. Once a knight in the army of a local medieval warlord in Siena decided to leave the army to start his life as a recluse, embracing a life of spiritual meaning. After less than 100 years the abbey was looted. For centuries the monks continued their life at the abbey until 1786 when the roof collapsed. Today you can hire the Abbey of San Galgano for your wedding, the most mystical and majestic place you can find in the whole of Italy.

Wedding Halls
For the civil wedding in Abbey of San Galgano the wedding halls are: San Galgano Abbey and Sala Capitolare at San Galgano Abbey.

Wedding Days
The Civil Marriage is performed in office hours as below:
 –   Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 9-13 am
 –   Tuesday and Thursday: 9-13 am; 5-7 pm

No more than three marriages will be celebrated in a one day:
– one in the morning (until 1.00 pm with ceremony start no later than 12.00)
– one in the afternoon (from 2.00 pm to 7.00 pm with ceremony starts no later than 18.00)
– one at night (from 8.00 pm to midnight with ceremony starting no later than 11.00 pm)

The marriages will not celebrated in July and on the following days: 1 and 6 January; 25 April; 1 May; 2 June; 15 August; 3 September; Easter Monday; 8, 24, 25 and 26 December

Venue Fees

Office Hours

 Non Office Hours

Municipal hall

€ 150,00

€ 200,00

Abbey of San Galgano

€ 900,00

€ 1200,00

Sala Capitolare (at the Abbey) 

€ 900,00

€ 1200,00

In Abbey of San Galgano the Symbolic Ceremony can be celebrated at the same halls as for the civil ceremony, at the same days, rates and timings. As a symbolic ceremony we mean “Renewal of Vows”, so the couple must already be married. More generally since no special documentation is necessary and there is no legal binding involved, the symbolic ceremony can be celebrated anywhere the couple likes, either outdoor or indoor. Here is a selection of the most beautiful venues for this purpose. The script of the symbolic ceremony will be written by us together with the couple, who can add any kind of content to it.


San Galgano Abbey, Tuscany

Amalfi Coast

Ravello is a lovely town which offers great privacy and intimacy for weddings. It is situated about 5 km away from Amalfi, up on a mountain, overlooking the coast from Maiori to Amalfi.
This enchanted place, famous for its peacefulness and the deep fascination, is among the most beautiful in the whole Amalfi Coast, with an intense and unique landscape.

It is said Ravello is situated ‘halfway between the sky and the sea’ and it is certainly one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Civil marriages in Ravello are performed indoor, in the elegant and medieval wedding hall “Sala dei Matrimoni” of ”Palazzo Tolla, a small simple yet elegant hall with marble decors and period furniture, in its quiet and flowering garden walkway or in the beautiful Garden Principessa di Piemonte where the view of the sea is will take your breath away.
Ravello is a memorable place for couples wanting a destination wedding in the Amalfi Coast.
The best time to get married in Ravello goes between April to the beginning of November.

Wedding Halls
The Civil marriage in Ravello can be performed in two wedding Town Hall:
 –   Palazzo Tolla
 –   Principessa di Piemonte Garden

Fees and Wedding days
Monday to Friday, 9-12 am; 4-6 pm                                                             € 450,00
Saturday and Sunday, 9-12 am; 4-6 pm                                                      € 600,00


The town of Positano is located in one of the most beautiful valleys of the Amalfi Coast and it is a romantic and enchanting location for your wedding.
In the city center you can see the famous brightly coloured ‘maiolica’ dome of Santa Maria Assunta, the main church of Positano.

With its little colorful Mediterranean houses and the vibrant blue sea and sky, Positano is considered the jewel of the Amalfi Coast and remains the most wanted location for weddings here. It is ideal for young couples looking for a romantic and joyful event, because it has all the charm and ambience of a small Italian seaside town.
The town hall of Positano stands on the highest part, on a very panoramic location that dominates the entire village.
The Civil Ceremonies during summer are held on a panoramic terrace where spouses and guests can admire the most beautiful blue sea of the Amalfi Coast.
The best time to get married in Positano goes between April to the beginning of November.

Wedding Halls
The Civil marriage in Positano can be performed either outdoor or indoor in case of bad weather.
The Town Hall, set high on the hillside, has a stunning wedding terrace, an ideal location for an openair wedding.
The terrace can hold up to 60 guests, but only 30 seated. Positano is one of the few town halls of Italy that allows outdoor wedding ceremonies.

Fees and Wedding days
The Civil and Symbolic Marriage are performed From Monday to Saturday, 9 am – 11 pm

From Monday to Friday, 9 am – 2 pm

€ 500,00

From Monday to Friday, 3 pm – 6 pm

€ 600,00

From Monday to Friday, 6 pm – 11 pm

€ 1.500,00

Saturday 9 pm – 11 pm

€ 1.500,00


Ravello, Amalfi Coast

Beach Wedding


Beach civil wedding or symbolic ceremony – Lazio north coast
Along the Lazio coast, near Rome, it is possible to celebrate your civil marriage or symbolic ceremony and can arrange a wedding reception on the beach.
Where: in certain lidos in Fregene and Maccarese established for this purpose.
What: the Ceremony and Reception (lunch, dinner or cocktails) up to a maximum of 120 guests, in structures by the sea shore, in a restaurant or by the pool.
Transport: the guests will leave Rome by coach to reach Fregene or Maccarese and will be returning in the evening; the journey takes about 40 minutes.
Prices: competitive when compared to those held in the villas and residences of Rome.

A wedding on the Paola lake at Sabaudia – Lazio south coast
If you are looking for a peaceful, enchanting atmosphere, if you want to be immersed in a silence that takes you far away from city noises, then this is the place for you.
In Sabaudia on the Paola lake there is a beautiful hotel surrounded by a lovely garden from which you can admire the lake and, beyond, the sea. The bride is transferred to the hotel by boat, while the groom waits for her in the garden with all the guests by a small pier where the boat will dock. Here is the place of your dreams – dazzlingly white – where a stylish wedding reception will be organized in an elegant and tasteful manner, complete with a refined and original fish menu (but not exclusively).

If you are planning a wedding in Tuscany, the Tuscany Coast is a spectacular location offering many incredible wedding and reception venues.
The deep blue and turquoise waters are spectacular as the coastline alternates between rocky and rugged to sophisticated, white sandy beaches and exclusive resorts. The Tuscan Riviera is a perfect base for exploring the surrounding countryside. There is plenty of incredible SPA for pampering yourself, some of them belong to Roman times and still available today.
Along the coastline you will discover stunning castle and fortress wedding halls with jaw dropping views, villas on estates with vineyards and guest accommodations, luxury farmhouses and so on! This is one of our favorite parts of Tuscany and we encourage you to discover it yourselves. The Tuscan Riviera is without a doubt one of the finest Italian wedding locations. 


Tuscany Coast

Photo: Black Alpaka Production; Valeria Santoni Photographer

Prices updated at 2019


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