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Italian wedding favor. Today’s Yes Wedding Planning Q&A is another popular and frequently topic.

Couples often ask: do we have to have wedding favors?

The simple answer is no…they are by no means mandatory and if you can’t afford them, you’re not a fan etc. etc. then you don’t have to have them.

However, before you make any decisions it is worth weighing the reasons to have wedding favors:

1. They are considered by many as a small token of appreciation

2. They can be a wonderful keepsake / momentum of your Big Day

3. They can often add a personal touch to your wedding 

4. If you’re opting for something edible then 99% of the time they’re a huge hit with guests!

But if you marry in Italy, I highly recommend you have the wedding favors. Italian favors are beautiful and there is a great variety of choice. In Italy they are given to the guests together with the “confetti”, characteristic small Italian wedding sweets.

I really do hope this helps. But if you find in need of any further guidance, the please do get in touch with us.