Candle lighting ceremony

26 October 2022

Candle lighting ceremony

Candle lighting ceremony is an wedding rite that has grown in popularity in the last few decades. It is a great way to personalise the wedding ceremony, civil or symbolic and it is certainly the most romance!

What is the meaning of a candle lighting ceremony?

Its intention is to show two different identities – from two different walks of life – joining together in the eternal bond of marriage.

The unity candle ceremony involves, infact,  three candles: one held by each partner and then one which will stand alone to symbolise the union of the couple. 

The couple takes a lighted candle and simultaneously lights the so-called “unity candle.” This symbolizes their coming together as a family while maintaining their individuality.

Typically, at the start of the ceremony is when the individual candles will be litthe Unity Candle will be lit immediately after saying your vows. 

While the couple lights the Unity Candle, they may choose to have guests sing a song, someone recite a poem, the playing of instrumental music or a meaningful reading in the background.

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