Wedding Candle Lighting Ceremony


Candle lighting ceremony is a truly unique way to individualize your wedding day.

Lighting your very own personalised unity candles, serves as a moving gesture of love and symbolises the union of Bride & Groom, their families and friends, as two become one.

Yes Wedding Italy may also  can make candles personalised for the bride and groom  for the wedding ceremony.

How is the Candle Lighting Ceremony performed?

Usually at the beginning of your wedding service, a representative from each family light the two side candles. After your formal vows have taken place, the Bride and Groom then take the flame from their respective family candles and together, light the central main unity candle.

Afterwards, your wedding candle can be lit year after year on anniversaries, as an affirmation of the love and commitment shared between one another – a beautiful keepsake and reminder of your special day.