Love book as wedding rings pillow

15 September 2021
Love book as wedding rings pillow

The time of wedding-ring exchanging during the wedding ceremony is a very blissful and unforgettable moment for the bride and the groom but also for all the guests. And it is at this moment that the wedding rings pillow makes its appearance. For a short period of time but very intense and exciting.

A very special wedding ring pillow can capture people’s attention even. The scene can be a beautiful subject for photographing together with the bride and bridegroom as well.

Atmosphere, tradition, and style can be represented  in the your wedding ring pillow. 

So the wedding rings pillow can will be personalized in relation to the place and the locations: we will have the small multicolored tile for the wedding in Ravello the olive or lavender branch for the ceremony in Tuscany in Chianti, the small jewel vase for an elegant marriage in Rome.

A very special and original idea is to use a love book as a wedding rings pillow.

Closed or open, with satin ribbon or twine, each pillow has their own style and can be a romantic touch of your intimate wedding ceremony.

Credits: BRIDE

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