Planning a 2022 wedding? Here’s everything you need

30 December 2021

Planning a 2022 wedding? Here’s everything you need 

Are you planning to get married in 2022? A few but essential main points you will need to consider.

1) Will be possible a destination wedding abroad in 2022?  
It depends on the destination, but you can to begin researching how the countries have handled COVID-19 so far. Italy is one of the best in the world. Here you can feel comfortable. We were the first to impose the mandatory green pass.

2) Hire a Wedding Planner
Couples are learning to outsource the parts of the planning they need specialized help with, especially if they decide to get married abroad and in this period with still some restrictions, policies and other things due to the covid-19 pandemic, now, more than ever, these strategies are vital. For 2022, the primary challenge will be venue and vendor availability: a wedding planner has his “supply chain”.

3) Be Flexible
The 2022 will be a year when flexibility is key, not only with date and destination but also guest count. It is really important so giving yourself as many options as possible.  Also for this reason it is essential to be helped by a wedding planner

4) The Budget
A line item in your budget will be for guest comfort items such as masks, sanitizer, et cetera. Experts predict that weddings will be more expensive in 2022.

Our overall advice? Be prepared, follow the news closely, and maintain an open conversation with your wedding planner (if you can hire him).

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