Why choose a destination wedding in Italy?

24 November 2021
Why choose a destination wedding in Italy?

Because a destination wedding Italy gives bride&groom the opportunity to choose charming and wonderful locations and venues and to make it their Big Day, the most one of your life. Really.

Italy is so unique and rich in unforgettable experiences that your destination wedding in Italy will be much more than a marriage ceremony.

Dream ahead. And book!

Here are some important aspects/advantages for your destination wedding in Italy.

The Number of Guests
This is quite important: the number of guests. Just the two of you? Close family and special friends only? Or a big extravagant bash? It’s entirely up to you. And, no, you are not expected to pay for guests’ flights and hotel rooms! And anyway, there are usually fewer guests, so save money.

The Ceremony
Symbolic or civil ceremony, all the locations in Italy are enchanting, rich in history, art and culture, therefore very special.  Not only. Also for the landscape and for an outdoor wedding: Italy is an “unbeatable” country with its breathtaking views and full of charm

The Wedding Reception
Italy is famous in the world not only for its history and culture, monuments and landscapes but also for good food and good drink: a country of excellence, different and particular in every place or city you go. Need some examples? Switch from lobster to shrimps, you’ll find good ones in Liguria, Campania and Sicily. Swap champagne for Prosecco in Veneto and Friuli or Franciacorta Brut in Lombardy. And in Tuscany? The Cinta Senese cured meats, the pecorino cheese of Pienza, the “pici” of Siena, the Chianina beef  … and shall we talk about wine? One of the best wines in the world is produced here, Brunello di Montalcino… and the elegance of the floral arrangements and of the table setting in the Italian style? What more do you want?

The Experiences
The experiences in Italy are linked to the beauty of the places and cities of art or to the unique and different panoramas and landscapes: the history of Rome, the Eternal City, the hills of Tuscany and its small medieval villages, the splendor of the Amalfi Coast , with cities like Ravello or Positano or Amalfi, the romanticism of Venice and its gondolas on the lagoon, Lake Como with splendid villas.

Because no other country has Italy’s riches, its peerless combination of art, culture, food, wine, fashion, opera, people and landscape. 


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Because no other country has Italy’s riches, its peerless combination of art, culture, food, wine, fashion, opera, people and landscape

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